"Linus and Lucy" is a popular jazz piano composition written by Vince Guaraldi, appearing in many of the Peanuts animated television specials. Named for the fictional siblings Linus and Lucy van Pelt, it was originally released on the Vince Guaraldi Trio's album Jazz Impressions of a Boy Named Charlie Brown (1964) and the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack (1965). Guaraldi wrote a series of songs for the project, including "Linus and Lucy," that he recorded with his group, the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Even though A Boy Named Charlie Brown was shelved, the soundtrack was released in 1964, which is where "Linus and Lucy" first appeared. Fans of Vince Guaraldi's Peanuts music probably fall asleep every night humming "Linus and Lucy," and of course "Christmas Time Is Here" has become an essential part of the holiday season. But these are only the two most common of scores of tunes Guaraldi composed for the animated adventures of Charlie Brown and the gang.

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