Cookbook page protectors in full-size binder format . Includes 50 full page (8.5x11") page-size sheet protectors designed to work with our full page software templates and our full page binders. Easily slide the pages into the top of the page protector. You can laminate the tabs if you have a laminator, or you can spring for your own binder tabs, which work just as well. I cut out the recipe tabs and folded them along the suggested line.

A laminate with 316 stainless steel wire mesh screen insert (24 wire/in.,0.0075" thick) made from Standard Industrial Grade B sheet, adhesive bond. BHST Grade A laminate with either 0.002" or 0.003" Hastelloy C-276 made from Standard Industrial Grade B sheet, adhesive bond, (24"x24"only). Acculam® Phenolkraft XX Laminate Sheet is a Kraft paper reinforcement in a phenolic resin binder. The natural color is tan/brown. This versatile grade offers good mechanical and electrical insulating properties along with lower costs and good machining quality. It certifies to NEMA XX and MIL-I-24768/11.