Diggers acetone acts as a solvent for adhesives, resins and waxes. It's suitable for cleaning PVC pipe and fibreglass. Available in 1L, 4L and 20L bottles. Acetone 67-64-1 20 – 30 Ethanol 64-17-5 < 10 2-Butoxyethanol 111-76-2 < 5 Note – product contains < 0.1% benzene SECTION 4 FIRST AID MEASURES Description of necessary first aid measures Inhalation: Keep victim calm and remove to fresh air if safe to do so. Obtain medical treatment immediately. Remove any contaminated clothing.

SAFETY DATA SHEET Acetone 1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING PRODUCT NAME Acetone REACH REGISTRATION NUMBER 01-2119471330-xxxx CAS-NO. 67-64-1 EC (EINECS) NO. 200-662-2 PRODUCT NO. ACETGEN APPLICATION Industrial uses. All professional uses All consumer uses SUPPLIER Barrettine Barrettine Works St Ivel ... Reproductive Effects: During the Stewart et al. study, four adult female volunteers were exposed 7.5 hours to acetone vapor at a nominal concentration of 1000 ppm.Three of the four women experienced premature menstrual periods which were attributed to the acetone exposure.