Automatically data in another sheet in Excel. We can link worksheets and update data automatically. A link is a dynamic formula that pulls data from a cell of one worksheet and automatically updates that data to another worksheet. These linking worksheets can be in the same workbook or in another workbook. VBA cell references allow the user to tell Excel where to look for the data it needs. After creating the macro and declaring the variables, the next step is to create VBA cell references, which actually refer to each variable and that can then be used to manipulate the data within the Excel sheet.

Nov 07, 2019 · How to create a reference in Excel. To make a cell reference on the same sheet, this is what you need to do: Click the cell in which you want to enter the formula. Type the equal sign (=). Do one of the following: Type the reference directly in the cell or in the formula bar, or; Click the cell you want to refer to.