Re: sheet metal, bend allowance Hello @ccarreiras , Another way i usually do it is, bend a piece of metal on our press brake, scan it in, then in Inventor i can get an accurate Bend allowance, Bend Radius, and K_Factor. The mold line lengths are the distances measured to the outside mold line and are equal to the flange lengths plus the setback. The values of the setback, bend allowance, and bend deduction can be calculated from the sheet thickness, bend radius, bend angle, and K-factor. Learn more about Bending.

This calculator predicts what the minimum bend radius should be to avoid chacking or orange peeling on the outside radius of the bend. Here again, a “Minimum Bend Radius” is not necessarily the same thing as a “Sharp bend.“ A Sharp bend will always be less than a Minimum bend radius but, a Minimum Bend radius does not need to be sharp. Jan 15, 2018 · Looking for a more sophisticated understanding of sheet metal design from any gurus. I have always selected bend radii in the following manor. Calculate or lookup the min bend radius. Multiply by 1.5 or 2 if the design allows. Round off to the next highest fractional size Bend Calculator found in: Bend-Tech EZ Tube Bending Software, Bend-Tech PRO Tube Bending Software, Complete Set of Bend Protractors, 5 inch Radius Bend Protractor, Wixey WR410 Digital Protractor, 6 inch Radius Bend Protractor,..